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Multi-term synonyms in SynonymQuery
Hi Lucene users,

I recently came across SynonymQuery and found out that it only supports
single-term synonyms (since it accepts a list of Term which will be
considered as synonyms). We have some multi-term synonyms like "internet
device" <-> "wifi router" or "dns" <-> "domain name service". Am I right
that I need to use something like a BooleanQuery for these cases?

I have 2 other follow-up questions:
- Is SynonymQuery has any advantage over BooleanQuery? Or is it only
different in how scores are computed? As I understand SynonymWeight will
consider all terms as exactly the same while BooleanQuery will favor the
documents with more matched terms.
- Is it worth it to support multi-term synonyms in SynonymQuery? My feeling
is that it's better to just use BooleanQuery in those cases, since to
support multi-term synonyms it needs to accept a list of Query, which would
make it behave like a BooleanQuery. Also how scoring work with multi-term
is another problem.

Thanks & Regards!