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Re: [External] Streaming documents into the index breaks highlighting
Just to clarify,

Is there a highlighting option that doesn't require the text from the matched document?

David Shifflett

?On 11/17/22, 1:57 PM, "Shifflett, David [USA]" <> wrote:

I am converting my application from
reading documents into memory, then indexing the documents
to streaming the documents to be indexed.

I quickly found out this required that the field NOT be stored.
I then quickly found out that my highlighting code requires the field to be stored.

I’ve been searching for an existing highlighter that doesn’t require the field to be stored,
and thought I’d found one in the FastVectorHighlighter,
but tests revealed this highlighter also requires the field to be stored,
though this requirement isn’t documented, or reflected in any returned exception.

Any suggestions for highlighting query matches without the searched field being stored?
I was hoping storing the offsets and positions would be enough to enable highlighting.

David Shifflett