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Amazon Sponsor Product(Ads) Search team is looking for talents with expertise in Solr/Lucene at all levels
Hi folks,

Are you interested in Amazon’s Advertising (that employs state of art
solutions involving Search, Digital Advertising, AWS technologies etc)
but wondering which team can best leverage your expertise in
Solr/Lucene? Please continue to read:

My team is Sponsored Search Delivery (SSD) where we directly use Solr to
efficiently render relevant Ads for shoppers. We deliver billions of ad
impressions and millions of clicks daily and are breaking fresh ground
to create world-class products. Powered with Solr, our systems scan
billions of records in milliseconds to return relevant ads. The
architectural excellence is evident from the fact that despite we’ve
such high-throughput-low-tps Tier-1 system, our team enjoys an
exceptionally low operations burden. Our solutions employ latest
‘information retrieval(IR)’ algorithms and we try to leverage latest
research in IR to ensure superior shopper experience. It’s a great mix
of ‘engineering’ and ‘applied-science’ to render relevant ads within

My team is making tremendous investment in Solr research, development
and application this year and the future. For example, we plan to apply
vector search in Solr (SOLR-12890) to extend power of current
keyword-based search to improve ads recall. We are experimenting
approximate nearest vector search (LUCENE-9004) to achieve accuracy at a
reasonable cost. We also plan to leverage rich features of Solr to
return ads based on 'themes' (viz. brand-similar, economical, 4-star
above etc.). We also plan to share the experience and lessons to
Solr/Lucene community and find ways to contribute back to the community.

With a broad mandate to experiment and innovate, we are growing at an
unprecedented rate together with Amazon Ads business. There is a
seemingly endless range of new opportunities ahead of us. We’re looking
for amazing minds at various positions in team for New York Location
(Primary goal is to expand the team in NYC, However, Location
preferences of Boulder, Seattle, Toronto: can also be considered on case
by case basis). Prior experience in Solr/Lucene would be a great value add.

If you are interested, please reply this email directly or reach out to
the hiring manager Vikas Dhaka (
<>) Thanks!


Pengcheng Xiong

(Apache Hive PMC member and committer working at Amazon)