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demo null path

I've been testing the demo files (note that the java docs need updating)

So far the indexing on test files works ok.

Moving to HTML files:

I used the following command:

java -classpath %classpath% org.apache.lucene.IndexHTML -create .

adding ./powered.html
adding ./resources.html
Optimizing index...
1022 total milliseconds far so good,

Now perform a search using command:

java -classpath %classpath% org.apache.lucene.SearchFiles

Query: Lucene
Searching for: lucene
2 total matching documents
0. null
1. null

OK so 2 total matching documents have been found, but why is
the document path null ?

Finally a note for future ideas:

would it be possible to obtain the original postion of the found
word in the file ?

Best regards to All

RE: demo null path [ In reply to ]
Well, that's because IndexHTML sets field url, and not field file.
But SearchFile tries to output the field file.
I think IndexHTML can only be used with the jhtml sample.
You may from the command line only the IndexFile, and SearchFile
together, or IndeHTML, and the jhtml/html sample.

I was having the same problems, you may try the jsp sample in
lucene-user for sample html indexing....