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Re: Question for customize index segment search order
Hello, Wei.
Pardon for pinging you back to the Lucene field.
Here's the loop over segments
So, presumably:
- custom searcher may loop segments out of order
- custom wrapper over index reader may yield list of child contexts in
reverse order
- some code around NTR commit may put recent segments in the beginning.
I'm not aware of any of these^ implementations, but it should be something
which is needed often.

On Fri, May 12, 2023 at 12:03?AM Wei <> wrote:

> Hi ,
> We have a index that has multiple segments generated with continuous
> updates. There is always a large dominant segment after index rebuild,
> then many small segments are generated with continuous updates. At query
> time we apply early termination with EarlyTerminatingCollector
> ,
> which triggers EarlyTerminatingCollectorException in SolrIndexSearcher
> .
> We see a problem that the limit can be reached within the dominant segment
> alone (seems it is always traversed first) while documents with recent
> updates in the newer segments doesn't get a chance to be scored. Is it
> possible to customize the segment visiting order in Solr so that the latest
> generated segments are searched first? Any suggestion is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Wei

Sincerely yours
Mikhail Khludnev
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