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Policeman Jenkins testing enabled with OpenJ9 (IBM Semeru) JDK 17.0.5

due to requests on conferences, recently also on twitter, I added IBM
Semeru JDK builds with Eclipse OpenJ9 instead of Hotspot. As those
builds no longer use Apache Harnony and have a copy of the OpenJDK class
library now (and only the VM is replaced), we have less bugs than in
early times. Still there could be special cases in class library (wrong
assumptions in tests) and optimization bugs, but we can now work on
finding them now very easy. I would suggest to now officially try to
support OpenJ9 instaed of Hotspot builds (also for Solr!).

I have not yet enabled JDK 11, I just started with 17. When Java 19 is
available we will also test project Panama with OpenJ9.

Apache Lucene seems to pass all builds (there was only one wrong tests
assertion/assumption) which was fixed: [see below].

Solr tests seem to fail with OpenJ9, mostly because of some incorrect
code around private RSA keys and it looks like problems with Hadoop.
This should be fixed if you want to get rid of test failures.


[.we may need to backport the test fix also to 8.11 or 9.x branches in
case of releases on that branches. I checkd 8.11, it easily backports,
but it needs some additional tweaks to allow compilation of tests (only
tests!) without JDK 8 compact1 profile]

Uwe Schindler
Achterdiek 19, D-28357 Bremen

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