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Announce: LCMC 1.0.2 / Pacemaker, DRBD, KVM GUI

Here is a new release LCMC (Linux Cluster Management Console) 1.0.2.

There is new LCMC logo provided by Linux-HA Japan. Check it out
on the web page.

The showing of popups with left click was disabled. It turned out to
be very unpopular feature, although some hypothetical touch screen users
may miss it. Some options for (not so hypothetical) Xen users were added.

The most important changes:
* add maven pom.xml file
* fix installation of DRBD on centos5
* @SuppressWarnings in the 3rd party libs
* change directory structure to the latest standard
* add options in VM wizard for XEN
* search for brctl in /usr/sbin /sbin and /usr/local/sbin dirs
* change some old names to LCMC
* make it compile with Java 7
* don't let the left click to show a popup
* fix the "after" DRBD option in DRBD < 8.4
* use units for all DRBD numeric fields
* change application icon
* add LCMC startup script

What is LCMC?

LCMC is a GUI application that configures, manages and visualizes Linux
HA clusters. It is written in Java, so it runs everywhere. Specifically it
helps administrators to create and manage clusters that use one or more
of these components: Pacemaker, Corosync, Heartbeat, DRBD, KVM, XEN and

Where can I get it?


Source code:

Rasto Levrinc

Dipl.-Ing. Rastislav Levrinc
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