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announcement for glue 1.0.8

The 1.0.8 release of glue is out. There were no significant
changes since 1.0.8-rc1. Please upgrade at the earliest possible

The highlights:

- new external/libvirt stonith plugin (thanks to Holger Teutsch)
- new external/vcenter stonith plugin (thanks to Nhan Ngo Dinh)
- new external/hetzner stonith plugin (thanks to RaSca)
- support for multiple devices in sbd
- lrmd can read parameters from local files, not only from CIB
(important for configurations with sensitive data)
- log spamming control
(allows controling number of similar messages logged)

You can get the 1.0.8 tarball here:


Lars Ellenberg
Dejan Muhamedagic
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