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no sound from pvr150's audio input
hi, I'm trying to get a simple setup working implying a stb, lubuntu
13.10, and a pci-based pvr-150 capture card. I managed to set it up to
grab video, so mplayer /dev/video0 gives out picture from either
composite or s-video (plugged both in to make sure).

However, even though I set audio input like this:
v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-audio-input=0
I can't get anything from it.

The only way I got it working was plugging the stb's output to the pc's
line in, but it gave lots of static and a huge delay vs the picture. In
fact it wasn't even playing through mplayer but through alsa's line
input directly! I would prefer the tuner to grab the video and the audio
and work it itself.

I have attached the lspci output for your analysis, hope it gets
through... I tried putting .fw files in /lib/firmware while trying to
get video working..

I have not fiddled with modules yet, and using current ubuntu's ivtv

After lots and lots of googling and forum reading, I'm stuck! Please,
can you help me solve this? :-)