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hvr-1600 unable to get clear picture
Thank You in advance for reading my email!

I have been for over a year now, on and off trying to get my hvr-1600
to work under Linux. In the past i have tried MythTV, YaVDR, tvheadend,
VDR, all installed on different versions and distributions of Linux.
Some i get no video at all some i get fuz i have read almost every
webpage that has cx18 or hvr-1600 on it but can not figure it out.
Recently i have made the attempt again. Here is were i am now:

- Fresh install of Arch with base and base-devel and only a couple
additional packages.
- tvheadend-git v3.5_225 from Arch AUR
- v4l-utils 0.9.5-2
- ivtv-utils 1.4.1-5

I would like to build a headless recording box. I currently just
have a DVD player connected to the svideo port on the hvr-1600 playing
the menu of 24 tv show. This is really all i want to do is connect my
Bell Satelight receiver to the svideo port and record a TV show off of
it. Don't need FF, pause, or EPG nothing fancy just striaght recording.

Through many tutorials i have been able to force the card to use
the svideo port and set it to NTSC via the command "v4l2-ctl
--set-input=1 --set-standard=1" which has got me to see the attached
screen capture. I have used ivtv-tune to swich frequency's manually with
no change to the picture and not sure even if that would i was just
thinking of the old days when the TV's had a dial and the picture looked
like it would if i was one notch off the correct channel (that is if
anyone here remembers that far back...).

I use the command lines only because i can't figure out how to set
these within the tvheadend website. I see no option to pick the input
nor do i understand how the minimum frequency is 10000 but when i set it
using ivtv-tune it shows 625.200 or something like that.

I have attached some additional command exports so you can see logs and
initialization logs that might give you more insight into what might be
going on.

Any help is appreciated my only option for this card to work right now
is Windows 7 and it works perfectly and that just makes me sick... LOL

Thanks again!!

Shawn Taulien

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