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Interchange Packages for RHEL9
GhettoForge now has Interchange 5.12.0 and all it's dependencies for EL9
distributions. These packages are built against Rocky Linux 9 and
should work on any EL9 distribution including, but not limited to:

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
* Rocky Linux 9
* Alma Linux 9
* Oracle Linux 9
* Scientific Linux 9
...and more.

This includes the Interchange e-commerce server, the Strap demo catalog,
and all of the dependencies in Bundle::Interchange and
Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink that are not already packaged for EL9.
These packages are intended to run against the EL9 stock perl 5.32.1 and
do not require a separately compiled perl for Interchange.

You can find these packages in the GhettoForge repository. For
instructions on how to use this repo please visit

Peter Ajamian
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