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Require include appears to be broken
So I'm trying to do this to add a separate directory for user-specific
perl modules for use with Interchange:

Require include /etc/interchange/lib

But getting this:

- - - [01/July/2021:09:18:50 -0400] - - Required include not present.
Aborting Interchange daemon.
> In line 8 of the configuration file '/etc/interchange/interchange.cfg':

Short version: Is this intentional or a bug?

TLDR version:

So looking at the source code in, the error message itself
comes from line 2742:

2740 else {
2741 $carptype = \&config_error;
2742 $error_message ||= 'Required %s %s not present.
Aborting '
2743 . ($C ? 'catalog' : 'Interchange
daemon') . '.';
2744 }

...but is actually sent from line 2884:

2879 for(@requires) {
2880 $vref->{"MV_REQUIRE_${uname}_$_"} = 1;
2881 next if defined $require->{$_};
2882 next if $testsub->($_);
2883 delete $vref->{"MV_REQUIRE_${uname}_$_"};
2884 $carptype->( $error_message, $name, $_ );
2885 } what's happening is that neither is a sub pushed to $require nor
is $testsub set, I would have expected $testsub to be set on line 2840:

2836 elsif ($val =~ s/^(?:perl)?include\s+//i) {
2837 my $path = Vend::File::make_absolute_file($val, 1);
2838 $require = {};
2839 $name = 'Perl include path';
2840 $testsub =
2841 sub {
2842 if (-d $path) {
2843 unshift @INC, $path;
2844 return 1;
2845 }
2846 return 0;
2847 };
2848 }

...but it isn't. The key here is careful examination of the error
message itself, there is a double-space between the words "Required" and
"include". This suggests that $name is not set but only $_. Since
$name should be set on line 2839 it suggests that the block of code from
2836 to 2848 is not being run at all, which suggests that the regexp is
not matching. So a careful look at the regexp on line 2836 shows that
it expects the word "perlinclude" or "include" followed by one or more
whitespace characters. "include /etc/interchange/lib" would seem to
match this.

So after additional logging I found that this is affected by line 2728:

2728 if($val =~ s%\s+((/[\w.-]+)+)%%) {
2729 $pathinfo = $1;
2730 }

Where $val is trimmed to just "include" and the remainder is stored as a
path in $pathinfo. This includes removing the space that the regexp
above is looking for, and therefore causing it to not match.

A bit more examination shows that this appears to affect some of the
other "Require" commands as well.

So, either the regexp at line 2836 should be changed to allow for no
space at the end, and to reference $pathinfo in the ensuing block, or
line 2728 should be changed to not strip the space and following path
from $val.

Looking for feedback before making any changes.

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