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Strap 5.11 image_large placement
Working on new install of strap 5.11 and have a couple of issues with
images and sku display.

I added <h1>[item-description]</h1><span>SKU: [item-code]</span> the
span statement, to the flypage and it breaks the item image.

Not sure if I am placing it in the right place with the rest of the code.

I am also trying to use image_large under the item description as below.

        [L]Price[/L]: <b>[item-price]</b>
    <td class="text-right">                   
        <input type="submit" value="[L]Add to Cart[/L]" class="btn
<td class="form-inline text-center colspan="2"">
        [if-item-field image_large][L]<b>More Information<b>[/L]<br>
                    <img src="/basicq/images/items/[item-field
image_large]" alt="[item-filter

This is at the bottom of the flylist page. It produces the image_large
as expected, but I am confused about the correct image directories.
 The item dir, [if-item-field image]
            <img src="/interchange-5/en_US/items/[item-field image]"
alt="[item-filter encode_entities][item-description][/item-filter]">
seems to be pulling from a different directory than the image_large
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