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mouse over 4-6.1 Category properties Finished
First of all I want to thank Gregg A. Fabbri for figuring this out.

I thought that there are a fiew of you who could use this information.
Also Greg found a site that has : Javascript code from which is a great site to
reference for HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

All was don using Interchange 'UI'

Below is a sample of 'MOUSE_OVER' used in the 'category section of

If this is confusing :-) please see it in action at

Put the following information in Administration/Tables/cat

border=0 NAME="imBut1"

<A HREF="$URL$" CLASS="barlink" onMouseOver =
.jpg'" onMouseOut =

This is what I have in my second area on my system (note my root_dir
catalog name is 'firsttosearch')

border=0 NAME="imBut2"

<A HREF="$URL$" CLASS="barlink" onMouseOver =
nuals2.jpg'" onMouseOut =

Make sure that you change the 'Name="imbut' properties as you add each 'gif'
or 'jpeg' in 'image_prop', and 'link_template'

EG: NAME="imBut1"

NAME="imBut2" etc. etc. etc...

Thank you Greg

Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis
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