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Re: Enigmail [ In reply to ]

> People say "Oh your settings are wrong" But the FAIL to give the RIGHT
> SETTINGS!! And then go waffling on....................

People don't fail you. Your entitlement issues do. Falsely stating
software X cannot do Y when you are not using it right, expecting
answers on a silver platter, and offering insults to people is simply
not the way to behave on a public mailing list when you want free
support (from people who don't owe you any assistance whatsoever)
and answers beyond "PEBKAC, so you figure it out".

> I want specific instructions - not moaning and groaning my settings
> are wrong and I don't know what I'm doing

Oh, you /want/ that, do you? As Clark Gable once said: "Frankly, my
dear, I don't give a damn". :-)


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Re: Enigmail [ In reply to ]
On 31.07.2019 14:26, David wrote:
> Consider the fact that for 30 times Enigmail refused to accept the
> passphrase for
> I decided to send an encrypted email to Erich. When selecting his
> private key there was no automatic tick in postmaster. But a tick in
> Erich's public key
> On sending I thought I was going to be asked for david's passphrase yet
> again - but no - the email passed very quickly.
> This begs the following questions:
> (1) Why is postmaster always selcected as the default public key?
> (2) Why is it on failing 30 times to accept david's passphrase why does
> enigmail mysteriously remember it when it rejected 30 times?
> Answers on a postcard please

I start to believe that your expectation of what should happen differs
from what actually happens.

The way things work in Enigmail are as follows: you select a *sender
account* in the Thunderbird message composition window. Based on that
sender account configuration (and nothing else), Enigmail decides which
key to use for *signing* your message. Remember, the passphrase is
needed for signing, not for encryption - it does not matter if
Postmaster or Erich are in the recipients list.

If you get a dialog to choose the key(s) _after_ you hit the send
button, then those are the keys to which the message is *encrypted* to.
But again, you don't need a passphrase for any of these keys. Thus, if
you tell me that you expected to have to tick Postmaster in the dialog,
then that won't let you choose the key for signing.


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Re: Enigmail [ In reply to ]
Andrew Gallagher:
> On 31/07/2019 13:36, David wrote:
>> Enigmail always defaults to the first set of keys one created
> Enigmail will default to the first set of keys in your keyring that
> matches the selection criteria. Do you have more than one ID on each
> key? Do you have more than one key for each ID? This could be causing
> some confusion.
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I have one key pair associated with one email address

Those keys do not have other ids attached to them.

Each key pair is only for a single (not multiple) email account.


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