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GPAs new smart card manager

I just finished a little hacking session on GPA to get the code for the
new smartcard manager straight. It is just a start but hopefully a bit

It features an automatic detection of the card type and as of now
displays information on OpenPGP cards and some stuff from tyhe German

Changing the OpenPGP data is not yet possible, but you may create a new
keys on the card.

In the key editor you will now see an icon for smartcard based keys and
the subkey listing prints the serial number of the key. That icon is a
bit fuzzy and I don't know how to fix that. Help needed.

"gpa --card" brings up the card manager as default window.

As usual with new developments you need the latest supporting libraries
and tools to make it work. GPA should build withy older libraries but
tehre won't be a card manager then. gpg-agent and scdaemon are required
at runtime. Thus get the latest gpgme and gnupg from SVN and instal
them before you configure the current GPA.



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