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list-options vs unusable keys (not subkeys or uids)
TL;DR: Could --list-options easily gain flags to hide the revoked/expired keys

The manpage has --list-options, with the following
> show-unusable-uids
> Show revoked and expired user IDs in key listings. Defaults to no.
> show-unusable-subkeys
> Show revoked and expired subkeys in key listings. Defaults to no.

This lets you easily exclude UIDs and subkeys.

It does not let you exclude entire keys that are not usable.

I'd like to be able to easily see just the usable keys in my keyring, while not
removing any of the unusable keys (e.g. I might want to go and read mail from a
decade ago that I have in my archives, and it still has the original signature
because the files are effectively read-only).

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