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OpenPGP.conf early bird ends in 3 days

5 weeks to go for the first OpenPGP conference on September 8 and 9 and
3 days to register with early bird discount. Hurry up.

OpenPGP.conf is a place to meet, discuss, and learn about latest
developments of OpenPGP aware applications and what technical measures
can be deployed to repel the ever increasing trend to mass

We have two full days with topics around the protocol and use of
OpenPGP. There will also be enough time to discuss with experienced
users and developers.

The talks and their speakers are:

- A few concerns regarding PGP, new directions by Stefan 'stf' Marsiske
- A Simple Solution to Key Discovery by Werner Koch
- A stateless model for browser encryption in GlobaLeaks by Nick Skelsey
- An update on the services by Kristian Fiskerstrand
- Automated use of GnuPG through GPGME by Andre Heinecke
- Bypass Pinentry for good by Seiya Kawashima
- Gnuk 1.2 by Yutaka NIIBE
- GnuPG in Debian by Daniel Kahn Gillmor
- History of OpenPGP by Lutz Donnerhacke
- NEXTLEAP and automatic E2E emails by Holger Krekel
- OpenKeychain UX decisions by Dominik Schürmann and Vincent Breitmoser
- The Mathematical Mesh: Management of keys by Phillip Hallam-Baker
- The State of three contracts from the German BSI by Bernhard Reiter
- Transparent key management at LEAP by meskio

For details see . The organizer told me that
there are still sufficient resources in their conference fee grant

See you in Cologne,


Die Gedanken sind frei. Ausnahmen regelt ein Bundesgesetz.
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