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GPGME 1.4.3 released

I am pleased to announce version 1.4.3 of GPGME.

GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) is a C language library that allows to add
support for cryptography to a program. It is designed to make access
to public key crypto engines as included in GnuPG easier for
applications. GPGME provides a high-level crypto API for encryption,
decryption, signing, signature verification, and key management.

* Noteworthy changes in version 1.4.3 (2013-08-12)

- The default engine names are now taken from the output of gpgconf.
If gpgconf is not found the use of gpg 1 is assumed.

- Under Windows the default engines names are first searched in the
installation directory of the gpgme DLL.

- New function gpgme_data_identify to detect the type of a message.

- Interface changes relative to the 1.4.2 release:
gpgme_signers_count NEW.
gpgme_data_type_t NEW.
gpgme_data_identify NEW.

* Download

You may download this library and its OpenPGP signature from: (950k)

GZIP compressed tarballs are also available: (1202k)

As an alternative you may use a patch file to upgrade the previous
version of the library: (27k)

SHA-1 checksums are:

ffdb5e4ce85220501515af8ead86fd499525ef9a gpgme-1.4.3.tar.bz2
65c7f78593065946a7480c3389b4b1f19326a59d gpgme-1.4.3.tar.gz
dc9f68f8d2fa1208f736035fc6c5693ae4bac0f7 gpgme-1.4.2-1.4.3.diff.bz2

* Support

Please send questions regarding the use of GPGME to the gnupg-devel
mailing list:

If you need commercial support, you may want to consult this listing:

The driving force behind the development of the GnuPG system is my
company g10 Code. Maintenance and improvement of GnuPG and related
software takes up most of our resources. To allow us to continue our
work on free software, we ask to either purchase a support contract,
engage us for custom enhancements, or to donate money:

Happy hacking,


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