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Gpg4win 2.0.0 has been released

Building and installing GnuPG on the Microsoft Windows platform is more
complicated than doing this on a Unix platform. To help users we are
providing binary versions of GnuPG as part of the Gpg4win project.

Thus if you need GnuPG on Microsoft Windows, we suggest to use the
Gpg4win installer. The installer allows to select the required
components. If you only need GnuPG, you may just download the light
version of the installer. However, most users want the full fledged
version with all the GUI tools.

Find below the original announcement. With the exception of the KDE
parts and a few utility libraries, the installer has been build from the
original sources by me. There are a few patches applied to add features
From the soon to be released 2.0.13 version of GnuPG; these patches are
part of the installer source tarball.



From: Emanuel Schütze <>
Subject: [Gpg4win-announce] Gpg4win 2.0.0 released
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 20:28:33 +0200


we are pleased to announce the availability of a new stable Gpg4win
release: Version 2.0.0.

This is the first production release of the major redesign. Over the last 15
months we did 16 beta releases and hopefully squashed most of the serious

The download is available via the usual download page:


Gpg4win2 has major changes compared to Gpg4win 1.x. Below is a list
of the most important ones:

- Kleopatra is the new certificate manager. Kleopatra is the S/MIME
certificate manager of KDE (a desktop environment used on many
GNU/Linux systems). For use in Gpg4win it has been extended to
support OpenPGP and to act as a graphical user interface for all
cryptographic operations. It is automatically started if another
component requests its services and then runs permanently in your
system tray. WinPT has been dropped.

- GpgEX is the new plugin for the Microsoft Explorer and replaces GpgEE.

- The mail program Claws Mail has been updated to a modern version.
It now supports SSL, NNTP and IMAP.

- GpgOL, the plugin for Outlook 2003 and 2007 has been comprehensively
updated. It now supports PGP/MIME and thus makes the use of
encrypted or signed attachments much easier and standard conform.
Support for S/MIME has been added. Most dialogs are now provided by
Kleopatra for graphical user dialogs.

- The German "Gpg4win-Kompendium" is the new documentation for Gpg4win.
This combines the previous "Einsteiger" and "Durchblicker" manuals.
All chapters were reworked and extended to describe the new Gpg4win
Version 2.0. Among other things, this means adaption to Kleopatra,
GpgEX and PGP/MIME and new texts for S/MIME and X.509.

- Support of these platforms:
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP (32/64), Vista (32/64)
Outlook: 2003, 2007

- Included components are:
GnuPG: 2.0.12
Kleopatra: 2.0.11-svn1008232 (20090807)
GPA: 0.9.0
GpgOL: 1.0.0
GpgEX: 0.9.3
Claws-Mail: 3.7.2
Kompendium: 3.0.0-beta3


For installation instructions, please visit or
read on.

Developers who want to *build an installer* need to get the following
files from :

  gpg4win-2.0.0.tar.bz2 (5M)

The second file is a digital signature of the the first file.  Either
check that this signature is fine or compare with the checksums given
below.  (see also

The *ready to use installer* is available at:  (35M)

Or using the ftp protocol at:  (35M)

SHA1 checksums for these files are given below.

If you don't need the manuals or the GnuPG2 command line tools for
S/MIME, you might alternatively download the "light" version of the
installer:  (12M)

or using FTP at: (12M)

A separate installer with the source files used to build the above
installer is available at:  (277M)

Most people don't need this source installer; it is merely stored on
that server to satisfy the conditions of the GPL. In general it is
better to get the gpg4win builder tarball (see above) and follow the
instructions in the README to build new installers; building the
installer is not possible on Windows machines and works best on current
Debian GNU/Linux systems.

SHA1 checksums are:

5a900a6807d2b4753d88cdb9548c528cf4bbbe3e gpg4win-2.0.0.exe
d00fe78e71a55861a4ccbf92d6e06f4dcbe6aa82 gpg4win-light-2.0.0.exe
ba6e4c56bc721707e363640e357d87350c441e02 gpg4win-src-2.0.0.exe
f5457f61c8544cbae856738aabfff1a140c754b6 gpg4win-2.0.0.tar.bz2

If you have problems downloading the above files, you may try the mirror
server listed at the download page.

We like to thank the authors of the included packages, the NSIS authors,
all other contributors and first of all, those folks who stayed with us
and helped testing Gpg4win.

To help furthering this project, please consider to sponsor the
development.  See .

With best regards

   your Gpg4win Development Team

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