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GnuPG test release 1.0.0d

we have fixed some bugs in the last weeks. Before we are releasing
1.0.1 you may want to check out the test release 1.0.0d. Beware, it is
not very good tested (that's your task :-) and should not be used for
production purposes.

Please don't distribute this announcement to wide. (1470k) (138k)

$ md5sum gnupg-*1.0.0d.*gz
7414e7eca93324aadf5662537ae75d6a gnupg-1.0.0c-1.0.0d.diff.gz
e05e6b9013bfbdeaf8e0460c9d51747e gnupg-1.0.0d.tar.gz

* New command --verify-files.

* Fixed some minor bugs and the problem with conventional encrypted
packets which did use the gpg v3 partial length headers.

* Add Indonesian and Portugese translations.

* Fixed a bug with symmetric-only encryption using the non-default 3DES.
The option --emulate-3des-s2k-bug may be used to decrypt documents
which have been encrypted this way; this should be done immediately
as this workaround will be remove in 1.1

Happy testing,


Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013