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Poldi 0.4 released
Poldi 0.4 has been released. Poldi is our PAM module, which implements
authentication through the OpenPGP smartcard.

It can be fetched from:

Changes since version 0.3 are:

* Many parts have been rewritten and/or reorganized

* GPLv3+
Changed License to GPL v3 or later.

* SCdaemon support
Poldi uses the scdaemon from now on instead of talking to the
smartcard directly.

* Authentication methods
Implemented abstraction layer for "authentication methods". The
previous authentication process is now encapsulated in an
authentication method named "localdb".

* X509
Added another authentication method named "x509", which interacts
with Dirmngr in order to provide authentication through a X509 PKI.

* i18n
Added support for internationalization.
Added german translation.

Please note that Poldi is still marked as experimental.

Happy Hacking,