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GnuPG: second release candidate for 1.4.8

I just uploaded a second release candidate for GnuPG 1.4.8:

If you have problems with 1.4.7, you may want to give it a try. Those
who reported build problems should also try to build that one and report
if the problems persist (to the gnupg-users ML).

Note that the language files are not all updated and our translators may
want to check whether they find time to send an update in. There are
certainly a couple of bugs not yet fixed as we had not the time to work
through all bug reports, please complain if there are important things
still not resolved.

The actual release of 1.4.8 is planned for December 20.

Noteworthy changes since the last release candidate

* Allow encryption using legacy Elgamal sign+encrypt keys if
option --rfc2440 is used.

* Fixed the auto creation of the key stub for smartcards.

* Fixed a rare bug in decryption using the OpenPGP card.

* Fix RFC-4880 typo in the SHA-224 hash prefix. Old SHA-224
signatures will continue to work.

Happy hacking,


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