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GnuPG Logo Contest

After 8 years the time has come to modernize the GnuPG logo and to
work on a new layout of the website.

We appreciate Thomas Löffelholz's Gnus-guarding-the-door logo which
has served us for a long time. However, GnuPG has moved forward and
is not anymore a plain OpenPGP application but features other
protocols as well (S/MIME and partly Secure Shell). Further, the
current logo is too detailed to be used as an icon or to be printed on
a t-shirt. Thus we want to have a new modern logo.

To get to such a logo we try something new: We ask you to donate to
the logo contest and then offer the collected funds to the winner of
that contest.

Here are the rules for the contest:

* Submissions should be send by mail to logo-contest at gnupg dot org.
Sending just an URL is recommended. At least one PNG scaled to 300
pixel on one axis is required. Sending a design concept is

* The design should convey the message of freedom and privacy. It
must not exploit or offend anyone's sex, race or religion, be
obscene or propagate violence.

* The logo shall be available in a free format (bitmap or vector) and
eventually made available in source form, modifiable using Free
Software (xcf, fig, etc.). The submitter's name and snail mail
address is required for exchanging legal papers.

* The winning submitter must agree to assign the copyright to the FSF
and attach no other restrictions to the use of the logo. All
submitters must declare that they do not infringe the rights of
another party and that publishing their logos for the purpose of
this contest is acceptable.

* The contest runs until *October 31, 2006*. A jury will then select
the winning submission. The winner will receive 50% of the
collected funds. The three top rated submitters are eligible for a
gnupg dot org mail alias.

* All contributors to GnuPG who signed a copyright assignment with the
FSF, actually provided code or translations and do not participate
in the contest make up the jury to decide on the new logo. The file
AUTHORS in the GnuPG 1.4.5 tarball has a list of these folks.
Simple majority is used to decide.

Collecting and spending the donations:

* The donations are collected for the purpose of creating a logo and a
new website layout.

* The winner of the logo contest will receive 50% of the collected
funds. The leftover funds will be used for a follow-up contest to
redesign and re-implement the website.

* A list of sponsors will be published after the final logo has been

* In case that for unforeseeable reasons a winner could be determined
or we cannot spend the collected funds, they will be donated to the
Free Software Foundation Europe.

* The funds are collected through Paypal online payment. For legal
reasons and ease of setup they will be collected by g10 Code GmbH, a
company headed by GnuPG's principal author Werner Koch. Note, that
the tax office will likely require to transfer a 16% VAT, thus the
collected funds need to be reduced by this amount. g10 Code will do
a weekly report on the received funds as well as a final report
after selection of the winner.

To donate to this contest and for latest information please go to .



Werner Koch <>
The GnuPG Experts
Join the Fellowship and protect your Freedom!
Re: GnuPG Logo Contest [ In reply to ]

Back in September I announced a contest for a new GnuPG logo. By the
end of October I received 41 submissions from 31 parties. The
original plan was to let all the authors of GnuPG who signed a
copyright assignment with the FSF to vote on a new logo. However, I
only received 11 answers and there was no clear result: Only one
submission got 2 votes. It would have been unfair to take this as a

So I looked around and found the CIVS [1] which implements a Condorcet
voting system. I fed it with the addresses of all subscribers of the
gnupg-users and gnupg-devel mailing lists and started the process.
From the 1231 unique subscribers, 199 took the time to rank the
submissions and casted their vote. This time the result is pretty

Thomas Wittek [2] from Cologne is the lucky winner.

He will soon see his design used with GnuPG and also receive 50
percent of the received donation (we received as of now 215 Euro but
further donations won't be rejected [3]). Unfortunately I can't offer
him a mail alias thomas at gnupg because this has been assigned to the
creator of the old logo.

Ranks 2 and 3 are held by Robbie Tingey and Michel Blinn. They will
receive an email alias for their contribution.

If you like to see the new logo, point your browser to

You will also find also the detailed results of the ballot, all
submissions and the list of sponsors.

I want to thank all who submitted a logo to the contest as well as
those who worked on a logo but submitted it too late. There are some
really cool designs and I hope that some can be reused for another

Special thanks to the sponsors: Intevation GmbH, Markus Komosinski,
Parag Mehta, Folkert van Heusden, Ralph Angenendt, Alexander Tomisch,
Robert Workman, Simon Josefsson.

The remaining funds will be used to help with a new website design.

Many thanks to all,


[2] (German)

Werner Koch <>
The GnuPG Experts
Join the Fellowship and protect your Freedom!

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