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A pre 1.0 release

I have just release version 0.9.11 which may indeed be the last one
before 1.0 - If nothing strange occurs, I hope to release 1.0 next
Tuesday. Please check this release, so that I can be sure that
I didn't broke anything.

I have reorganized the FTP server for easier access by GNU mirrors
located in countries which allow export of crypto:

$ md5sum gnupg-0.9.11.tar.gz
2e194acf68dde1483fe9146e7dd7122f gnupg-0.9.11.tar.gz

$ md5sum gnupg-0.9.10-0.9.11.diff.gz
cc22bbcb244884f7e112d7adb1ffc334 gnupg-0.9.10-0.9.11.diff.gz

Noteworthy changes in version 0.9.11

* UTF-8 strings are now correctly printed (if --charset is set correctly).
Output of --with-colons remains C-style escaped UTF-8.

* Workaround for a problem with PGP 5 detached signature in textmode.

* Fixed a problem when importing new subkeys (duplicated signatures).



If everyting is fine, I will start to work on the windozs (:-() port
direct after the 6th Linux Congress in Augsburg/Germany Sep. 8.--10.
( ), I'll be there for a BoF on Thursday.

Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013