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GnuPG 1.9.19 (S/MIME and gpg-agent) released

We are pleased to announce the availability of GnuPG 1.9.19 - the
branch of GnuPG featuring the S/MIME protocol. You should consider
using GnuPG 1.9 if you want to use the GPG-AGENT or GPGSM. The
GPG-AGENT is also helpful when using the stable GPG version 1.4 or if
you want to check out its ssh-agent replacement feature.

GnuPG 1.9 is the current development version of GnuPG. Despite of
that, most parts (in particular GPG-AGENT and GPGSM) are considered
ready for production use. Please keep on using GnuPG 1.4.x for
OpenPGP; 1.9 and 1.4 may - and actually should - be installed

This is basically a bug fix release with one new feature.

* The Belgian eID card is now supported for signatures and ssh.
Other pkcs#15 cards should work as well.

* Fixed bug in --export-secret-key-p12 so that certificates are again

You may download it from one of the mirrors as listed at or direct from the master
server (1719k)

or as a patch against the previous release: (22k)

SHA-1 checksums for the above files are:

aa37fbf9f25df52fcd1a957404e78efdf9c576cc gnupg-1.9.19.tar.bz2
2d0dbd0ca60ebc79fb49d99e47222c55784bb9b8 gnupg-1.9.18-1.9.19.diff.bz2

For help on installing or running GnuPG 1.9 you should send mail to
the gnupg-users mailing list or to one of the country specific lists.
See .

Improving GnuPG is costly, but you can help! We are looking for
organizations that find GnuPG useful and wish to contribute back. You
can contribute by reporting bugs, improve the software, or by donating

Commercial support contracts for GnuPG are available, and they help
finance continued maintenance. g10 Code GmbH, a Duesseldorf based
company owned and headed by gpg's principal author, is currently
funding GnuPG development. We are always looking for interesting
development projects.

Happy hacking,


Werner Koch <>
The GnuPG Experts
Free Software Foundation Europe
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