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Re: Thunderbird build failure .. [Gone away]
On 01/01/2023 21:05, Wol wrote:
> On 01/01/2023 20:08, cal wrote:
>> FWIW, Thunderbird builds fine with GCC on my machine -- I'm unsure of
>> your reasons for setting your Portage compiler to clang, but you may
>> wish to use a package.env override to build Thunderbird with GCC as a
>> workaround until the problem can be fixed upstream.
> I don't know anything about clang ... it must be the default ...
> I thought part of Firefox/Thunderbird was written in Rust, so I assumed
> it was built with llvm as a matter of course.
> I'll just wait for it to sort itself out.
Just to say it's finally sorted itself out without me doing anything,
all the while causing random failures in the build chain ie I think
Firefox and LLVM all failed along the way ...