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[SOLVED] Terminal over ssh badly scrambled
On Wed, Jun 09, 2021 at 05:46:47PM -0400, Walter Dnes wrote
> I'm installing on a new machine. I much rather prefer doing it
> remote, so I can compare side by side with my current machine. But the
> terminal is badly scrambled.

Some more Google-searching suggested using "toe" to list off the TERM
types that are supported. Amongst them was "vt100", which brought back
memories of the 1990's <G>. So I...

* opened up an xterm, "su -", "cd /usr/src/linux", "make menuconfig"
* opened up another xterm window
* executed
export term="vt100"
* ssh'd into the install-in-progress (had to chroot again)
* "cd /usr/src/linux" and "make menuconfig"

Here's what my screen looks like (see attachment). The left side is
the machine I'm currently running on, and the right side is the
install-in-progress. It's barebones, but it works. And there's no way
I'll confuse my current desktop versus the install-in-progress <G>.

Walter Dnes <>
I don't run "desktop environments"; I run useful applications