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Current SPARC64 Support Status

I have a pile of systems (T5xxx, T3, a bunch of V2xx) that I'd like to
resurrect. Since Oracle bought Sun, and has since all but abandoned the
platform (Solaris no longer supports chips older than T4, and they
stopped releasing Oracle Linux for SPARC way back), I'd like to help in
getting Linux, Gentoo specifically, back onto the playing field.

It has been a decade since I was last a heavy user of Gentoo, so forgive
me as I re-learn much of the ecosystem.

My first encountered "bug" is one that I see has already been reported:

Silo doesn't want to compile. Because this is during the initial install
phase, just getting to that point takes a while. I'm wondering if
anybody has any tips or experience to share that would help me move past
this blocker.

Hopefully I'll have time to more fully dedicate to porting/development
soon. For now, I'd just like to get a working environment on my T3-1.