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eapify and stuff

As i already mentioned, i almost finished bootstraping on OS X. Next
thing i want to get to work is tinc, but i have now idea how to do
that. I read about the script eapify, but i do not want to read it
and it has no help, as far as i can see. So what's the usual
procedure when testing an ebuild that s not yet in the tree? Copy it
from the main tree to prefix tree and run eapify? Or does eapify do
the copying thing, too? I think i know what should be done, some
simple 3-7 steps how it is done the easiest way would be great.

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Re: eapify and stuff [ In reply to ]
On 16.01.2007, at 00:42, Philipp Riegger wrote:


I picked the wrong list. I will resend the messages to gentoo-alt.
Please don't answer here.

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