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Packages up for grabs: www-plugins/passff{,-host}

I'll be removing myself from (proxy-)maintainer of www-plugins/passff
and www-plugins/passff-host as firefox as been more and more of a pain
to deal with.

For example today I ended up discovering that firefox-68.3.0 bundles
Python 2.7.9 at ${S}/obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/_virtualenvs/init/bin/python2.7
which triggered my blob remover that I use to make sure it is actually
built from sources. (not sure if I should file a gentoo bug on this one btw)

They have few bugs, one being solvable by a version bump which should
fix it. Feel free to ping me on IRC (nick: lanodan) or email for
questions about the packaging.
Should also be noted that www-plugins/passff could simply go away as
Mozilla plans to remove sideloaded extensions for Firefox 73.0[1].