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what kernel are folks running?
I'm just curious what kernel ebuild folks are using on
Alpha. What are some of the reasons to use one over
another? I've been using vanilla-sources (currently
2.4.25) but I'm not doing anything serious or mission
critical; just basically something to play with. Are
there any advantages to using gentoo-sources or

I've also been contemplating trying out a 2.6 kernel.
If I do that, would I be forced to upgrade anything
else (like glibc for instance) and if so, would that
preclude being able to switch back and forth?

Sorry if these seem like "n00b" questions. I've never
gotten a handle on what makes things binary
incompatible in Linux (in general, not necessarily
Alpha specifically). Are such things spelled out

Jeff D

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Re: what kernel are folks running? [ In reply to ]
On the fine day of Mon, 27 Sep 2004 08:46:46 -0700 (PDT)
Jeff Donsbach <> said very eloquently:

> I'm just curious what kernel ebuild folks are using on
> Alpha.

I'm running sys-kernel/grsec-sources- I don't know much
about the alpha-sources kernel, the gentoo-sources kernel, or
alpha-specific features. I'm mainly concerned with
security. I was running vanilla-sources but a security advisory came out
a couple months ago where vanilla-sources was not patched as quickly as
grsec-sources, so I switched to that.

If you are concerned with security you might want to consider upgrading.
2.4.27 had several security patches, I believe.