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DS10 genkernel problems
Following on, I decided to boot off the live cd and chroot to sda2 so I was running the 'old' kernel but with new toolchain. I configured my own kernel, leaving out the szmalloc() compressed page provider, instead making this an optional module which I'm not loading. Having booted into this kernel up to now I'm not seeing any segfaults running compiles which used to invoke an ICE/segfault. Considering most of my errors where szmalloc() related it seemed sensible to remove this and cursory testing indicates this has fixed the problem. I might try loading the module to see if it introduces issues later.

So why does szmalloc() cause memory corruption/segfaults on alpha? This seems to be the default when doing a 'genkernel all' which basically means any new install on alpha is broken, on an ev67 anyway.

Rgds Marc.

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