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installcd aboot.conf issues
Hi all, I'm trying to boot with gentoo alpha install cd on a DS25
It seems that all images (minimal, universal-2006.1, minimal-2006.1)
have the same aboot.conf message:

# Option 0, the default, boots /boot/alpha with the graphics console.
# Option 1 boots legacy, a kernel compiled with LEGACY_START_ADDR

where there is no /boot/alpha. There is only /boot/gentoo and I guess
LEGACY_START_ADDR is specified in this kernel, it doesn't boot on titan.
Is there an alternate install cd with a kernel without
I would like to have a runnning 2.6 system so that I can chroot into
the installed gentoo and upgrade the system (i.e. glib 2.5 won't
compile with a 2.4 kernel).

Thanks, these DS25 are driving me crazy!

Davide Cittaro
HPC and Bioinformatics Systems @ Informatics Core

IFOM - Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare
via adamello, 16
20139 Milano

tel.: +39(02)574303007