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radeonfb question
Alpha list,

This may not be alpha-specific. I don't know. Perhaps Gentoo has an
appropriate forum?

To make my radeon work, I had to build the X driver into the kernel.
This forced me to build a radeonfb module. The framebuffer module makes
my console 1280x1024 32bit with 160x64 text.
I would really, really, really prefer something else on my 17"
non-widescreen monitor. I can't figure out a way to do it.

For X, xrandr can switch to a variety of auto-detected modes. The
console framebuffer only gives one choice by default. So, I tried fbset
and /etc/fb.modes. Regardless of geometry, the only timings line that
works is 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. For example

mode "800x600"
geometry 800 600 800 600 24
timings 25000 88 40 23 1 128 4
hsync high
vsync high

That gives "ioctl FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO: Invalid argument" as a result.
The timings listed are from formula and are confirmed by an old example
posted at
(800x600 60HZ)
Changing timings to all zeroes removes the error, but gives me an
800x600 piece of a 1280x1024 screen.

So, I tried passing a parameter to the module. The kernel loads it
automatically while booting. I made a radeonfb.conf file in
/etc/modeprobe.d, but nothing worked.
It seems strange that I can rmmod radeonfb and fb_ddc and the console
remains unaffected.

What am I missing? Is it not possible to change my console resolution?
I need help.

Thanks, DW
Re: radeonfb question solved [ In reply to ]
The information was all over the place. I read that KMS drivers take
care of framebuffers themselves on one site. It seems like I was forced
to choose a console framebuffer too in order to make the radeon X driver
work. That would explain why unloading radeonfb had no effect.
Whatever, I'm not going to try again right away.
The solution was passing a boot parameter. Ultimately, I used xrandr to
tell me the connector name. So, it was video=VGA-1:width x height...

Adios, DW