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emerge gentoo-sources fails FINISHED
>emerge of 3.7.10 succeeded, currently attempting a genkernel build.

That was Saturday afternoon. I tried again after reading that. This
time, emerge did not give a fatal error. I tried make menuconfig and
failed. There was no /usr/src/linux/Makefile. Furthermore, there were
_no_ files in /usr/src/linux, just directories.
So, I did a tar tvJf linux-3.7.tar.xz | less
in /usr/portage/distfiles. Files were there. I speculated that the
patching process was butchering something. Doesn't matter.

I waited until later, past midnight UTC. I said some incantations, made
some magic gestures, prayed, ran emerge, and went to sleep.
This time it worked. I built a kernel and rebooted. Hooray. This
thread can end with success.

Adios, DW