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more problems... nptl releated also?
I'm having all kinds of problems doing an "emerge
--sync" tonight. I tried both with and without
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 and neither way worked. Without
it, rsync would time out early in the process. With
it, I would get failures when deleting files. And now
I'm getting I/O errors. I was going to just delete my
portage tree and restore from yesterday's snapshot.
But, I can't even delete my portage tree completely:

alpha1 usr # rm -rf portage
rm: cannot lstat
Input/output error

I just untarred the portage snapshot with some files
still left in /usr/portage. I guess there is a lot of
stuff still left that should be deleted. After that, I
did an emerge metadata

<sigh>. I hope I don't have to reinstall from scratch
again. This is getting annoying.

Anyone got any better suggestions?

Any word on the previous nptl/emerge problem with
compiling stuff?

Jeff D

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