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2.6.8 kernel and SWXCR (Mylex DAC960) controller
After many months of trial and error. (Actually having the time to really
dig into it more).
I've managed to interpret the DAC960.c source code to determine what the
devfs names might be under the 2.6.8 kernel.
FYI (my root partition is the 2nd partition on the 1st Logical RAID 5
drive) (2 Logical volumes total)

My /etc/fstab
#Linux 2.6
/dev/rd/host0/target0/part1 none swap sw 0 0
/dev/rd/host0/target0/part2 / ext3 noatime 0 0
/dev/rd/host0/target1/part1 /export ext3 noatime 0 0

#Linux 2.4
#/dev/rd/disc0/part1 none swap sw 0 0
#/dev/rd/disc0/part2 / ext3 noatime 0 0
#/dev/rd/disc1/part1 /export ext3 noatime 0 0

My aboot.conf
0:2/boot/kernel-2.4.21-alpha-r12 root=/dev/rd/disc0/part2 console=ttyS0
console=tty0 initrd=/boot/initrd-2.4.21-alpha-r12 init=/linuxrc
2:2/boot/kernel-2.6.8-gentoo-r6 root=/dev/rd/host0/target0/part2
console=ttyS0 console=tty0 initrd=/boot/initrd-2.6.8-gentoo-r6 init=/linuxrc

The key I found for this to work properly was to make certain the devfs file
system was properly compiled into the kernel and automounted the relevant
portions of my .config.

My .config file:

Brian Parkhurst

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