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CEbot: disasm from your Twitter account

We are running CEbot, a tool that lets you reverse hexcode from your own

How? Do this in 2 easy steps:

- Tweet your hex string with either hashtag #2ce (read as:
"To-Capstone-Engine"), or #cebot.
- Wait 1~2 seconds, the assembly code will be sent back, also via Twitter.
Be sure to check the "Notifications" tab if you do not see it soon enough.

Few examples on tweets accepted by CEbot:

x32 909090 #2ce
Reverse x86 32-bit code with hex-string of 3 bytes 909090. The result
sent back would be 3 NOP instructions.

x64 att 0x90 0x90 0x90 #2ce
Reverse x86-64 code with hex-string of the same 3 bytes, but get back
assembly in AT&T syntax.

arm #2ce "\x04\xe0\x2d\xe5"
Reverse ARM code. Note that the hashtag can be put anywhere in the

m64 be 0C,10,00,97 #2ce
Reverse Mips 64-bit code in big-endian mode.

For further details, see

This is mainly for fun, but hopefully it can be useful for those who are on
Twitter all the time :-)
Any suggestions, let us know.

Capstone Engine