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[Bug 2684] New: Add HTTP lookup method (extend json lookup to accept URLs ?)

Bug ID: 2684
Summary: Add HTTP lookup method (extend json lookup to accept
URLs ?)
Product: Exim
Version: N/A
Hardware: x86
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: bug
Priority: medium
Component: Lookups

Use case

In designing a mail system, I want to have all the specific lookups customized
in a central location in a specific authentication daemon. Constraints are:

- no LDAP available
- the auth daemon might not be on the same machine, no files can be shared for
- SQL schema keeps within the auth daemon and the idea is not to leak the SQL
schema or SQL credentials outside of the auth daemon.

I need a custom network protocol where Exim would connect to the auth daemon
and lookup specific values. It should be simple enough so it can be easily
custom implemented. I suggest it should be HTTP based as it's so easy to create
an API HTTP server in any language.

Feature request

A new kind of lookup that would take a URL and return the looked up value. It
should be possible to pass query string parameters (or perhaps even using HTTP
POST parameters). We would add to Exim the following expansions:

- ${urlescape:variable}: URL escape the variable using %XX for each URL unsafe

- ${lookup{user :
password}http{${urlescape:local_part}}}: Perform a HTTP
request to$local_part and fetch the JSON result. The
lookup value would be the JSON field "password" within the top level "user"

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