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[Bug 2671] New: Consider integration of localscan_dlopen patch

Bug ID: 2671
Summary: Consider integration of localscan_dlopen patch
Product: Exim
Version: N/A
Hardware: x86
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: wishlist
Priority: medium
Component: Content Scanning

Created attachment 1350
dlopen local_scan plugin


Debian has been carrying a single feature patch like forever. It allows to
dlopen a local_scan function instead requiring a exim rebuild. Its main (only?)
user is sa-exim which still seems to have a user base.

I am not happy with this long-time difference to upstream, especially in a SUID
root binary and would therefore prefer to see this integrated upstream (or
rejected with a good reason).

The attached conflicts with dlopened lookup modules since it adds
-fvisibility=hidden to CFLAGS and only makes the functions which may be used in
local_scan modules visible for the plugin.

Thanks for considering/checking, cu Andreas

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