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[Bug 2605] New: $domain_data is not expanded during event_action

Bug ID: 2605
Summary: $domain_data is not expanded during event_action
Product: Exim
Version: 4.94
Hardware: x86-64
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: bug
Priority: medium
Component: String expansion

Recently started to rewrite our config to make sure we deal with taints
While testing the changes I noticed that "${quote_mysql:$domain_data}" is not
expanded during event_action. Our event_action is like this:

event_action = ${if eq {msg:delivery}{$event_name}{${lookup mysql{ INSERT INTO
mail_received (domain, bytesIn) VALUES ('${quote_mysql:$domain_data}',

This result in a query with empty '' and thus fails.

When using $domain it works. Not sure if this affects other variables too.

- Daan

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