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[Bug 2602] New: Tainted name '/etc/exim/vfilters/' for file read not permitted

Bug ID: 2602
Summary: Tainted name '/etc/exim/vfilters/' for file
read not permitted
Product: Exim
Version: 4.94
Hardware: x86
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: bug
Priority: medium
Component: Filters

Our mail server updated to exim 4.94-1 earlier in the morning today and mail
delivery started to fail after the update. After the update and restart of exim
we noticed the following errors in the server logs:

2020-06-18 02:38:12.217 [6341] 1jloBg-0001eG-6f ==
R=central_filter defer (-1) DT=0.000s: Tainted name
'/etc/exim/vfilters/' for file read not permitted\n

I've redacted our user and domain in this error message above.

We also noticed the same errors logged for a empty filter file in the same

Reverting back to exim 4.93-3 resolves the 'Tainted name' errors on our server.

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