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Ethereal release 0.8.17
Ethereal 0.8.17 has been released.

The files are marked 0.8.17-a because of an error during
the release.

It can be had from:
The patches for the source code are at:

New dissectors include CUPS browsing protocol, Cisco HDLC,
DCE RPC support, LMI for frame relay, Wellfleet compression,
BACNET, and RWALL. Many other dissectors were updated and
bug-fixed. New 3D logo. The Windows version can now dynamically
load the wpcap.dll at run-time. And a Windows installer has
been added. Add -D flag to tethereal to show list of all network.
Added support for packet data decompression and decoding.

The full ChangeLog can be viewed at:

Ethereal Home Page:

Jeff Foster