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LINSTOR Operator v2.1.1 and v1.10.4
Dear LINBIT SDS on Kubernetes users,

We've recently released updates for our Kubernetes Operator.

First, there is version v2.1.1 for users of our next-generation Operator.
Along with the common image updates, we've improved the way DB migrations
for LINSTOR are handled. We also store the LINSTOR Satellite logs directly
on the host, providing improved traceability should something go wrong.

For users of Operator v1, there is now version v1.10.4. This also comes
with the usual image updates, as well as improved registration of Pods in

A reminder for users of Operator v1: We will maintain the existing Operator
v1 with bug fixes and new software versions until the end of 2023. We will
provide a dedicated upgrade path to Operator v2. We recommend all v1
installations to continue to use v1. For all new clusters we recommend
using v2.

To get specific instructions to apply the update, check our users guide: [1]

Source code is, as always, available upstream. [2]

Best regards,


Operator v2.1.1 Changelog

### Added

- LINSTOR Controller deployment now runs DB migrations as a separate init
container, creating a backup of the current DB state if needed.
- Apply global rate limit to LINSTOR API, defaulting to 100 qps.

### Changed

- Store LINSTOR Satellite logs on the host.
- Updated images:
* LINSTOR 1.23.0
* DRBD Reactor 1.2.0
* HA Controller 1.1.4
* external CSI images upgraded to latest versions

### Fixed

- Fixed a bug where `LinstorSatellite` resources would not be cleaned up
when the satellite is already gone.
- Fixed a bug where the LINSTOR Controller would never report readiness
when TLS is enabled.
- Fixed order in which patches are applied. Always apply user patches last.

Operator v1.10.4 Changelog

### Changed

- Set User-Agent Header when querying LINSTOR.
- Skip registration of non-running Controller Pods.
- Default images:
* LINSTOR 1.23.0
* DRBD Reactor 1.2.0
* external CSI images upgraded to latest versions