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linstor-server 1.23.0 release

This release has a lot more bug fixes than new features, but we try to stick
to semantic versioning and so it is a new minor release.

## [1.23.0] - 2023-05-23

### Added

- query-all-size-info API to query-size-info for all currently available
resource groups

### Changed

- SOS-Report has now a parent directory in the tgz file
- SharedSPName have now a less strict name checking
- Improved error handling with broken storage pools

### Fixed

- MakeAvailable: Fix incorrect deletion of TIE_BREAKER flag
- SOS-Report missing some rolling files
- Offline satellite: Fixed handling of offline satellites
- Rsc,Delete,Takeover: Fix possible double tiebreaker scenarios
- Fixed DRBD config for nodes with purely numerical host names
- Remove/ignore auto-verify-algo property if disabled on controller

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