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linstor-server 1.22.0 release

This is a smaller minor release, but I think this has more fixes than
actual new features,
see below for the details:

## [1.22.0] - 2023-04-17

### Added

- "StorDriver/LvcreateSnapshotOptions" and "StorDriver/ZfsSnapshotOptions"
- "FileSystem/User" and "FileSystem/Group" properties for root-owner of
newly created FS
- Support to do multiple snapshots within one device manager run

### Changed

- Autoplacer now ignores occupied values from evicted or evacuating nodes
- DrbdLayer skips processChildren when DRBD_DELETE flag is set

### Fixed

- Backup list can now handle more than 1000 entries in bucket
(truncation/continuation was handled wrong before)
- NodeConnection path can now be deleted
- NodeConnections no longer cause NPE on satellites
- Database loading causing ClassCastException with drbd,luks,storage during
toggle disk
- Aborted snapshot now always should resume-io

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