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linstor-proxmox v7.0.0
Dear DRBD on PVE users,

This is version 7.0.0 of linstor-proxmox. First things first: This
*requires* LINSTOR 1.21.1 (or newer).

There have not been any substantial changes since RC1. The only change
was that the Debian package now depends on linstor-satellite >= 1.21.1.
This makes sense on its own, but also allows us to enforce a controller
version of 1.21.1, which is required because of the API calls we use in
the plugin.

The RC1 announcement:

So far we more or less (size reporting was always a mess) tried to show
a node-local view of storage. For example we only showed pools that
actually exist on a node. This was okay, but had two problems:

- showing only the local storage in a distributed cluster does not make
too much sense. The actual data lands on nodes LINSTOR decides.
- there are people that have the storage nodes pretty much separated
from the PVE nodes. For these we did not show any storage information
on such nodes (as they did not have the RG's SP deployed), which is
rather confusing.

Now we shifted the calculation of free/used storage to LINSTOR and that
is what we show on all nodes.

tl;tr: we shifted from a node local view to a cluster view.

For PVE nodes we have the following assumption, which we already had:
- linstor-satellite (and all that comes with it: drbd-utils,
- linstor-proxmox plugin installed

Regards, rck