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WinDRBD 1.1.4 released
Dear WinDRBD users,

This is the 'stable' release with the new virtual partition table
feature, which allows one to reuse existing NTFS data partitions
as WinDRBD backing devices. There were only two minor changes,
compared to the 1.1.4-rc1 version: one affects the use of drive
letters: they should not be specified in the WinDRBD config and
are ignored from now on (a warning is printed). The other change
is a fix for a memory leak introduced in the 1.1.4-rc1 release.

From the 1.1.4-rc1 announcement:

Since proper Windows "block" devices are Disks for the Windows
system and Disks are expected to be partitioned, we emulate a
virtual GPT partition table at the "upper" interface (where the
SCSI requests are handled). This causes Windows to stack
the PARTMGR and DISK drivers (and probably others) over the
disks such that applications such as MS SQL server run without

As always an installer with a signed driver can be downloaded from:

Best regards and as always your feedback is highly apreciated,

- Johannes
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