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WinDRBD 1.1.4-rc1 released: Virtual partition tables
Dear WinDRBD users,

This is a WinDRBD release with a new feature that was requested by
several users in the community: proper reuse of data on existing
(NTFS-) file systems.

Since proper Windows "block" devices are Disks for the Windows
system and Disks are expected to be partitioned, we emulate a
virtual GPT partition table at the "upper" interface (where the
SCSI requests are handled). This causes Windows to stack
the PARTMGR and DISK drivers (and probably others) over the
disks such that applications such as MS SQL server run without

Since there are some, lets say, hairy changes in the interface I
decided to insert a release canidate with the request to the community
to test it before I release the final 1.1.4 release.

As always an installer with a signed driver can be downloaded from:

Best regards and happy new year :)

- Johannes
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